Staffing Agencies, Laurie Ruettimann, the real Job Search

Must be Laurie Ruettimann week. Another brilliant post.  In the six+ years I’ve been consumed with job search stuff I don’t remember reading a post like this. I don’t remember hearing advice like this.  Here it is (read the post here – and especially the comments):

But do you know what I would do if I needed a job and couldn’t pay my bills? I’d get off the computer and walk into a local staffing agency. That’s it.

Laurie is really smart and very to-the-point.  She’s been in the field for a while.  I would definitely take her advice.

Have you ever went to a local staffing agency?  I did, when I was 18. I did a week here and a week there, and wherever else they sent me.

Did you know there are staffing agencies that specialize in your field (probably)?  If you can get a temp job… say four or six months in a temporary position.

Four to six months isn’t that good, right?  You can’t get unemployment insurance while you make money as a temp… you might not make very good money (although you might make really good money, depending on the contract), and in a few short months you’ll be looking again!  Yuck, who wants to do that??

Here’s why I like what Laurie advises: working as a temp/contractor might be a terrific way to network in your industry.

Imagine working the next 2 years as a temp (with, let’s say, multi-month contracts).  You make enough money to pay your bills, save a little, and enjoy eating out or whatever simple luxury you want. You even have health insurance, so you feel rather secure (as secure as you can).

Can you imagine the networking you can do with colleagues, customers, vendors, and industry experts?

It could be really powerful.

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