PET PEEVE: Job Board Profile = Calls From Insurance Companies

Louis Bina writes Why Do Insurance Companies Like Me So Much?

He talks about posting his application on a job board (CareerBuilder) and immediately getting “two interview requests from two large insurance companies.”


I remember getting ready for dinner with my family at about 6pm. I was in the kitchen and the phone rang.

As a job seeker, when the phone rings it could be “that call.”  The one where you drop everything, quiet the kids, and hope you say the right things on the phone.

As I talked to the person I found out it was for an insurance role.

I didn’t have any ideas about that, and was interested that they were interested in me.  After all, aren’t these multibillion dollar companies?  They must have some great job openings, right?

That’s not what the call was, or what Louis’s inquiries were.  We were getting hit up to be in sales.  In Amber’s comments she writes:

I knew from other people’s stories that most were likely commission only and pretty hard core cold call sales.”

That’s pretty much it. That’s what the call was for me. It wasn’t the only call like it. The first call had me somewhat excited at the beginning, but every call after that was a very short “not interested” phone call.

Are these people paid in a multi-level fashion? That’s what it felt like. They didn’t care what my background or credentials were, they just wanted to throw some mud on the wall, and if any of it stuck they might make some extra money… at least that’s what it felt like.

It was one of the darker parts of my job search.  And now you know what to expect.  How will you react?

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