Creating the Civilian Resume: Hiring Military Personnel

The Right Resume Makes Hiring Military Personnel Easier

Many employers overlook hiring military personnel for civilian jobs because they don’t understand their resumes.

Are you transitioning from military to civilian employment? No doubt that your dedication to your enlistment has provided you with amazing experiences and skills that can transfer to many jobs in the civilian workforce.

The Value of Military Experience is highly underrated when it comes to hiring employees with a military background.

The key is to write your resume in a way that highlights your skills without using military terms and jargon that a civilian employer wouldn’t understand.

Also, recruiters or hiring managers may be distracted by the military resume format. Military resumes tend to be long and do not consolidate background and experience as it relates to the open position.

Check out my career article, Transitioning from Military to Civilian Employment.

In this article I discuss 3 main things to consider:

  1. Assessment of Strengths
  2. Creating the “Civilian” Resume
  3. Creative Cover Letter

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