Addressing Employment Gaps on Your Resume

Are you returning to work after a prolonged absence?

Employment gaps in resumes are not ideal, but there are ways to handle them positively so that prospective employers don’t balk at them.

As a job applicant returning to the workforce after a period of time, how do you handle these missing years on your resume?

In my article Resumes for Returning Workers I talk about several ways to address employment gaps in your work history.

I cover the following topics on employment gaps :

  • Common Reasons for Employment Gaps
  • Which Resume Format Works Best?
  • Put Your Best Foot Forward
  • Tips for Re-Entering the Same Field
  • What Else Can Be Added to the Resume?
  • Remain Professional, Not Personal

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Take the time to objectively and professionally prepare your resume to accurately present your skills, accomplishments, and work experience to your best advantage.

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