‘Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?’

Do you know how to answer the question ‘Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?’

Do you actually know why you are leaving your current job? Have you thought about a good answer?

Career Resumes helps people who are looking for a new job or career change. Our main focus is writing Killer Resumes and we are known for our free resume critique.

However, we want you to be as successful as you can possibly be in your job search, and that requires so much more than a professional resume. You deserve the best guidance and advice you can get in your quest to improve your future and those you work with and for.

We also provide information on interviewing strategies, such as how to answer difficult questions like, ‘Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?’ 

Sometimes I find a great piece of advice that I just have to share with you because I couldn’t have written it better myself. I came across this article today by Inc.com and thought of you, dear job seeker. I hope it helps you fight the good fight.

The Best Response to the Tricky Interview Question ‘Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?’ (Most Answer Incorrectly)

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