Please Avoid Job Board Scams!

I think people who prey on job seekers should be imprisoned for life (at a low-cost prison with no goodies).  My wife is much nicer – she says we should just fine them “a lot” and make them do many hours or years of some kind of community service.

Nonetheless, preying on job seekers is vile.  Job seekers are desperate, and can be too trusting.

Please, please please be careful.  I don’t even like the idea of putting a home or cell number on your resume that goes to Monster.  Too much identity theft out there!

Here’s a post from Dave Wood titled: HOW TO…AVOID SCAM JOB WEBSITES

Read it… especially the end, where there is a list of tips to avoid scams.  They may seem like “duh” things, but when you are desperate you might let your guard down.

Better safe and skeptical than sorry.

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