Do something hard today

My friend John has a thing he calls his “chicken list.” This is the list of people he’s afraid to call… he’s a chicken when it comes to those names.

He makes himself call someone from his chicken list regularly. He psyches himself up, telling himself that they can’t hurt him… and he makes the call.

Sometimes it ends with great results, sometimes it ends in a way that he crosses their name off the “maybe this person can help me” list forever (because they are jerks).

It is critical to do this… otherwise you walk around with the “I should call this person” for days, which turns into weeks, which turns into months.

All this does is add undue stress to your otherwise stressful job search.

So I challenge you:


It might be to sign up for a job search club, or to go to a networking event, or to call someone, or to email someone.

You know what it is … that hard thing you’ve been putting off for so long…


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