Unemployment rate rises. Now What???

According to this news article the unemployment rate is rising.  That’s not good.

Now What?

Plan A: Get a new job (not working out so well)

Plan B: Get more serious about job search, become a guerrilla job seeker.

Plan C: Start a company (business plan, get funding, get office space, develop product, marketing, etc.)

Plan D: set up some business muses (fascinating concept – read this Four Hour Workweek blog post on 4 muses)

Plan E: move in with parents

Plan Z: move in with in-laws

I don’t know what your alternative plans are.  I didn’t know what mine where, they somehow unfolded.  They are still changing.

A long job search really stinks, no doubt about that.  Let me invite you to list your alternatives and give them serious consideration.  Maybe you aren’t meant to have a traditional job anymore….?

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