Alison Doyle: When Networking Isn’t Working

Alison Doyle wrote a great post on the Job Search . About site about a topic that everyone talks about… but the flip side of the coin.

Networking is supposedly how you are going to land your next gig.

What if it just doesn’t work for you??

Read her post here.

Her points include:

Walk in (to companies).

Have someone call on your behalf. Much better to get an introduction than try a cold call.

Spread the word. Talk to everyone “who likes you!”

Use the call-email-call-call strategy. I haven’t heard of this before but I like it!  You’ll need a good job search CRM like to organize and manage this!

Send more than a thank-you note after an interview.

If someone else got hired, call the hiring manager. I LOVE THIS.

If networking not working from you, my experience tells me you aren’t doing the right things enough.

Read her post here to get her entire viewpoint.

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