Job Search Myths from a Recruiter

Gavin Redelman posted this on Recruiting Blogs: Five Myths About Job Searching

His myths are:

  • The smartest person always gets the job
  • Direct experience is most important
  • Dating a co-worker will lead to career doom
  • Applying for jobs online is the only way to find a new job
  • Writing a cover letter is a waste of time

I’d like to include:

  • It is a numbers game

It is kind of a numbers game, and you should keep working on the numbers, but if you are working on the WRONG numbers, then you are just fooling yourself.

It’s not about how many jobs you apply to, or how many resumes you send out.  It’s about much more than that.

Have a smart job search.

Realize that the person interviewing you might not be as sophisticated as his or her title.

Enjoy where you are at, because one day you’ll have that job you are dying for, and wishing you could have more free time to enjoy life a bit more.

There are no hard-and-fast rules in the job search… do what is right, and avoid the wrong things. You really shouldn’t try to avoid networking, since it can work better than many other tactics.

Myths abound.  The people with the most belief in myths are the people who haven’t been in transition for a while.

Once they get in transition, and try techniques that worked 15 years ago, then they realize the world has changed.

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