Translate Your Resume: Applying for a Job in Another Language

Do you need to translate your resume? Is 2018 going to bring you a job in another country?

When you first craft your resume you may not be thinking about translating it into another language, but here you are, contemplating a big change. Moving to another country, or maybe you are trying to land a big overseas account and want to impress them so you need to translate your resume.

Don’t Use an Automated Translator to Translate Your Resume

Have you seen Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show where he runs well known songs through a language translator and he and his guests sing the new version? It’s pretty funny, and it works well for his show since he is in the business of being funny.

However, we don’t suggest you use this tool when translating your resume. It may have similar results which won’t be too funny for your career. It will actually just make you look silly, since we assume you aren’t applying for a late night talk show host position.

I have good news! has a service that will allow your resume/CV to be converted to virtually any language you would like. If the document is written in MS Word, you will receive the new document formatted the same way.

We Can Translate Your Resume For You!

Unlike a random online translator, our professional translators are bilingual native speakers, selected based on their experience and special areas of expertise. This enables us to provide you with the highest possible quality in a current cultural context. Every completed translation is double-checked for quality before we deliver the finished document to you.

Click here for a list of all available languages.

Please contact us or go here to fill out a form for a quote on translating your resume. You’ll be happy you did, and so will the people receiving your translation. They will be impressed!

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