5 Interview Questions Women Should Ask HR

Did you know there are specific interview questions women should ask?

Being a woman looking for a new job has it’s challenges but it is not as hard as you may think. Even though we live in the age against gender discrimination, it still happens. Work atmosphere and policies are extremely important to understand before accepting a job.

The typical hiring process begins with a meeting with the HR specialist and several upcoming interviews. Your preparation for the interview should include thorough research on the company and a list of interview questions.

Prepare to set up the interview with brief research on what questions companies ask most frequently and their main focus points during the interviews. Databases such as Glassdoor, Monster, and JobApplicationWorld make helpful resources to learn the perspective of your potential employer on interviewing candidates.

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These five interview questions women should ask the HR specialist might trigger positive feedback for the meetings to come and reveal more information about the company’s view on women.

interview questions women should ask

What is the single most important quality that a candidate should have for this role?

This question offers an insight into one of the deal breakers that employers may be looking for. The answer also reveals what the central part of your future work will be. That single and most important quality is the one you should have to land the role.

The question is also an opportunity for you to explain how your previous work experience can benefit the company. Share an example from your former job(s) to emphasize why you are perfect for the position.

Additional information you can get from the answer:

  • Although indirectly, you can catch a glimpse of the work atmosphere, since your future colleagues likely share the quality;
  • Additional information about what criteria might help or stop you from getting the job;
  • Information that might change your mind on the job.

Do you consider the company as family-friendly?

Although it might seem a bit tricky, the question needs a straight-up Yes or No answer. A polite answer sounds as if the HR specialist has not yet considered this aspect. Yet, you might also discover that the company is indeed family-friendly and even organizes theme events.

However, this question might prompt your interviewer to ask you the unspoken question – whether you plan to have children anytime soon. You can prevent that by adjusting the question, if asked, based on your situation.

Additional information you can get from the answer:

  • The family situation of most of your colleagues;
  • The time you will need to dedicate to company events;
  • How to adjust your plans if you plan to start a family anytime soon.

 interview questions women should as

What challenges could I face in the first three months?

The first three months make your learning time. Aside from pieces of training and easy tasks, you will also likely face some challenges. HR specialists usually ask candidates about the most challenging problem they have met so far and how they overcame it. Asking such a question shows that you are realistic and aware that you will encounter challenges. And, you will also show that you plan to be prepared to manage them while also looking for ways to impress the management within the first three months.

Additional information you can get from the answer:

  • Employer’s expectations from your work during the first few months on the job;
  • How quick your transition to a regular workflow will be;
  • Key elements of your performance as a newcomer in the company.

Does your company have work-life balance policies?

The work-life balance is essential for a healthy and happy life, especially if you are a woman who needs to stay fit. According to a study, family-oriented work environments provide a good work-life balance. However, the most efficient ones should involve activities, exercise, personal hobbies, and individualistic strategies.

Work-life balance shows you how your routine will look like or whether you would be required to work after hours often. Some companies hold trainings regarding how staff members can support one another to handle tasks and avoid spending too much time on them.

Additional information you can get from the answer:

  • Cooperation between managers and team members;
  • If there are any benefits that encourage employees to stay fit and healthy or if there are any differences in benefits for men and women;
  • The employer’s attention toward the needs of each staff member, especially women.

How do you measure the success of an employee in this role?

Each employee is eager to get feedback. Asking such a question takes you to the core of your evolution within the company. Knowing what you need to achieve to keep your manager happy is useful from the moment you accept the job.

This question should complete and update the job description. The expectations that your manager has regarding your success are more valuable than an HR-written job description that may be a few years old. Also, it helps you prioritize the responsibilities you will get.

Additional information you can get from the answer:

  • A glimpse into your future manager’s ideas toward what is really important in the role;
  • More control over your decision to later accept the job or not;
  • Maybe, a chance to meet your actual manager and have a conversation regarding the job.

 interview questions women should as

What differentiated good employees from the ones that were great at the job?

After asking this question, the HR specialist will have to think back to the high performers who were formerly hired for the same position. The question should go straight to the heart of the employer because it shows you are genuinely interested in what can help you progress with your job.

Hiring managers look for candidates that have great potential. Any position can become your next success story, and such an answer dictates its direction. You will also ease the work of hiring managers by asking such a question as the candidate selection process sometimes only relies on the interviewee’s potential.

Additional information you can get from the answer:

  • What you need to put an emphasis on during the first months in the company;
  • Your future employer’s reaction to a mindset that is focused on the evolution of management;
  • A realistic list of expectations that might (or might not) fit your skills and background.

HR Interview Questions are Your Way of Making Everything Easier

Asking questions instead of only answering them is useful for both yourself and the HR specialist. You will learn more about what the future job involves, while the employer will notice your interest in getting the position as a potential high performer in the company.

As a woman, the above questions will also help you learn whether there is any discriminating activity within the company and if you fit the values and corporate culture you are about to be part of. In the absence of some well-placed interview questions, you might look like a candidate who shows a lack of involvement in the conversation. Some of these questions might even surprise the hiring managers so much that you could immediately land that dream job.

Happy Hunting! We are here for you!

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