Are You Ready for a Job Change?

By Peter Newfield
President of®

Money isn’t the only reason why people change jobs. Sometimes the work environment, stress, lack of cooperation among staff, and personality conflicts can contribute to unhappiness and dissatisfaction with your job. Take this quiz and find out if you should be considering new opportunities for improved job satisfaction and greater personal, as well as, financial rewards.

  • You get that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach when you hear the “Tick, Tick, Tick” of the “60 Minutes” clock on Sunday evenings. T or F
  • You keep oversleeping in the mornings and/or taking longer lunch hours. T or F
  • You envy Gilligan’s lifestyle when you catch late night reruns of that 60’s sitcom. T or F
  • You have to pinch your palm, bite the inside of your lip, or plan weekend errands in your head just to stay awake during staff meetings. T or F
  • You still have “update resume” on your Things to Do list from last August. T or F
  • Your mortgage and credit card bills are giving you nightmares. T or F
  • You question your accomplishments after learning that the biggest dweeb from your high school reunion drives a brand new Land Rover and just returned from a Mt. Everest climbing expedition. T or F
  • You’ve used up all of the “dead relative” excuses for taking time off from work. T or F
  • You walk around coughing loudly the day before any office social functions so you can pretend to be sick and stay home. T or F
  • You count the coffee wagon lady as one of your closest friends. T or F
  • Your department has seen so much employee turnover that you are considered to be “senior” after only two years on the job. T or F
  • You are borrowing money on a weekly basis from your 3rd grader and he’s starting to charge interest. T or F

If you have checked T on any of the questions, give yourself 10 points. If you have a total of more than 70 points, get your resume and cover letter in order ASAP and start looking for greener pastures. If your score is 40 - 70, think about prioritizing a job search in the near future. If you scored less than 40 points, you must really love what you do for a living. It’s still not a bad idea to keep your resume updated. You never know when opportunity will come knocking!

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