You Don’t Get Job Search Help From The News

I remember in my job search we were advised (in networking meetings and workshops) to not watch the news.

There was no good reason to watch the news, especially at a time when we had to be careful about our attitudes and outlooks.

The news is full of break-ins, robberies, high speed chases and other things that make it seem as if the end of the world is near.

Any news about employment is grim.  On the one hand the unemployment rate might be up, which means no one is getting jobs and there are more unemployed people, OR the unemployment rate is going down, and we wonder why, if there are more jobs and less competition, we are still in the job search??

Recently, our fearless vice president (Joe Biden) had some “encouragement” to job seekers to “hang in there.”  In his comments he said to lay off the smokes and to not eat junk food.

I found his remarks incredibly ignorant and out of touch with the problem.

When you are in a job search, and looking at how much money you have left, and trying to figure out how you are going to start getting income to sustain your life(style), that last thing you need to hear from a salaried, pensioned, never have to worry about money person is to get off the smokes and cut out the Twinkies.

The rest of the negative junk that comes from the news is an necessary addition to your brain – stay away from the news, or you might get a sense that the entire world is falling apart.

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