Job Search Definition: Recession vs. Depression

There are a lot of resources that explain the difference between a recession and a depression – you can see them here (here’s a good one from

I got an email recently that explained it really succinctly:

RECESSION: when someone else has lost their job.

DEPRESSION: when YOU have lost your job.

Pretty funny… before I lost my job I didn’t have a clue what a job seeker went through.  I had friends who were unemployed but they seemed to be okay.  Now I realize they were not okay.  Having gone through it, I realize that I should have done more to help them, and even asked them different questions (instead of “how’s the job search going?”).

I don’t know if they were depressed, but I knew they were in a very serious, scary situation that weighed on them day and night… it was their personal “depression.”  Meanwhile, my life continued fine, and I just thought they were in a “recession.”

I’ll never underestimate the needs of someone in a job search again, even if everything in my life seems to be in order.

What can you do for a job seeker TODAY? (even if you are in a job search, you can do something for another job seeker)

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