“Will you review my resume?”

I have been in Maryland/Virginia all week and a few times, at my presentations, I’ve been handed a resume and asked to review it.

I’m not a review specialist and I always encourage people to ask a professional resume writer to review it – many do it for free (Career Resumes does free resume critiques).

I’ve actually taken a look-see at two resumes (I normally don’t do it) and my strong impression, in both cases, was to strongly recommend to just hire a professional resume writer.


I know it costs money. I know it can be pricey, especially if your income is limited to Unemployment Insurance.

But I seriously think you need to have a professional marketing expert (which is what real resume writers are) write this marketing document for you.

Don’t fool around for weeks, or months, with a bad document that keeps you out of interviews – pay a few hundred bucks and just get it done right the first time.

Even if you have to ask a neighbor if you can clean their house for a few weeks to raise the money – it is WORTH IT!

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