A Professional Resume Writer Is Not A Typist

I could have said “is not simply a typist” but I didn’t even want to put simply because the role of a resume writer is not to pluck away at a keyboard… it is to create and craft a marketing tool for your job search.

If you start a business would you hire your plumber to create your marketing material and strategy, and execute it?

Absolutely not – you would figure it out on your own (takes time) or you would hire it out to the right person (takes money).

Either way you are going to spend something – what do you want to spend?

Let’s say you spend TIME.

You take 40 hours (one week) to develop your resume.

Because your resume is written by a personal marketing rookie (that’s you) it takes, say, three times as long to get results (get interviews).

You have just wasted 40 hours + increased the time to interview by THREE TIMES.

That’s okay, you argue, because you don’t have the money… right?

If you don’t understand how much you are worth, working, then maybe that’s okay (with you – I don’t buy this argument).

Let’s say you spend MONEY.

Let’s say it cost $500 (the range is all over the place).  You spend time with a writer creating this marketing document, learn some stuff about yourself (which will help you in interviews), and keep your time to interviews reasonable (no multiple).

I say it’s $500 well-spent… (your resume may be more, or less, than $500 – lots of factors).

How do you get the $500 if you don’t have it?  Get creative – my kids have sold cookies at 5pm (dinner time) and within an hour could make $20 from just $4 of material.  Do that a few times and you have earned money for your resume.

(and then maybe you throw your job search away and start a successful baking business :p)

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