Why Are There Job Interview Books? Isn’t This Easy Stuff?

There is a so-so article about job interviews… but I want to focus on a comment. I’m pulling just parts of the comment into this post, with my reactions.

>> As a hiring manager, it makes me curious why someone would be interviewing so much that they need a book for it.

Red flag.  This first statement tells me that the person hasn’t interviewed on the other side of the table for a wrong time.  Also, I’m guessing this person hasn’t interviewed much because once you interview enough people you learn that some come prepared and some really need a book.

>> For me, it is fairly simple. Make a resume and cover letter suited for the position (“spammed” resumes are easy to spot). This shows some effort that you like the position.

Red flag.  This statement reinforces the idea that this person doesn’t do much hiring, and probably hires very low level positions with entry-level people.

>> Then, show up on time, and be well-groomed (bad hygiene makes for a very short interview).

Again, reinforcing the type of person this commenter has interviewed.

>> If you can’t make your appointment, be honest and upfront about it…I don’t mind reschedules for good reasons.

More reinforcement.

>> Finally, don’t lie. It is always better to admit to not knowing something…and better to show how you would learn/workaround the problem. Lastly, be courteous. I admit there are plenty of poor hiring managers out there as well, but always stay on the high ground.

I don’t envy this person’s job… sounds like he/she works with people who lie, smell bad, are not nice, not reliable, etc.

Lesson 1: Be careful who you take advice from.  Not everyone will be qualified to give you the right advice.

Lesson 2: When you are preparing for an interview, sometimes you’ll get interview professionals and sometimes you’ll get other people.  You need to be able to adjust to either one. I remember being frustrated after hours of preparation only to be interviewed by someone who just read a list of questions.  Ugh.

Not all interview advice is the same – maybe you need a book?

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