Direct Advice on Applying Online

Check out this post: 5 Reasons Your Online Job Application Did Not Catch My Attention

At the end of the post Jorg says: “People tell me I am often too direct and I am sorry if…”

We want direct!  One of the biggest complaints from my job search, and from hundreds or thousands that I’ve talked to, is that we don’t get direct advice!  It is incomplete and sugar-coated, but we need DIRECT!

So here are Jorg’s five points:

  1. Only apply if you match 75% of the job ad
  2. Only apply if you cover 99% of the KO criteria
  3. Do not apply when you are clearly over or under qualified
  4. Only apply when you are around
  5. Only apply if your gut feeling is right
I’m not a huge fan of applying online since I did that 90+% of my job search, but I’m sure I usually violated at least one of these points.

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