When you don’t want to job search

Yesterday I went to the gym.

I didn’t want to go, at all.  My body said NO!!  My workload said NO!!

But I went anyway.

I spent less time on the exercise bike than I normally do, and didn’t do as much weightlifting as I normally do. I probably did about half of what I normally do.

But I went anyway.  And I’m glad I did.

I didn’t do as much, but I did something.

I know there are days in the job search when you don’t want to do anything.  It seems futile and hopeless.

But you need to do something, every day.  For some of you that means making a phone call.  For others it might mean just getting out of bed and getting ready to go out and see human beings.

Whatever it is, do something.

Here’s a bonus concept: The job search doesn’t have to be drudgery.  It was for me, for months.  But then something clicked, and it became fun.  The stress was gone and instead of focusing on do-or-die, I was able to have fun with my contacts and the entire process.

Make it fun, and you’ll want to do something every day.

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