Pinterest for Job Seekers?

Short answer: No

Longer answer: Check out this post by recruiter Jessica Lunk: Do You Need Pinterest in Your Marketing Arsenal? Her final line, speaking to recruiters, is this:

The challenge is not figuring out how to use Pinterest, but how to rethink the way you present your content to keep up with online consumption trends.

Pinterest is dominated by the here’s what’s cute and clever, mostly for lifestyle and fun and fitness… but not for anything business or career.  How do you put a resume, as cool as it might be, as a pinned image.  It would seem out of place.

My opinion: focus on LinkedIn, and perhaps other places where for sure recruiters, or your audience, is.

(of course, if you have a business with products or services to put in front of Pinterest’s demographic, go for it!  But Pinterest is not a one-size-fits-all-best-new-social-network for everyone.)

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