When is the right time to hire a career developer?

What exactly is a career developer? How can they help your with your job search?

So, you have worked hard and studied harder but you feel your career is going nowhere quickly. You spend weeks applying for various positions related to your field but you can never seem to break through with your goals. If this continues, you may accept employment in a field that you hoped to break away from until you finally get your opportunity.

Sound familiar? You are not alone in this struggle. This can happen if you are attempting to break into a field using newly acquired experience or training.  Or it can happen if you have extensive experience but just cannot seem find employment at the level you are used to.

Your struggle is common but thankfully there are always options available to you if you know where to turn. 

Career Developers Can Make all the Difference

Some of these options include:

Each one of these types of specialists can help guide you through your career struggles to finding positive and meaningful employment. These professionals can often provide insight, information, or resources that you are lacking or simply do not know about. They can often help you network with others who are in your field of choice whose experiences will prove valuable for you.

But when is the right time to seek out these professionals?

If you are struggling and not getting interviews. If you are getting interviews but not getting hired.  Perhaps it is time to reevaluate your decision. Often those who seek out these professionals wish they had done so sooner. They report that they would have reached their career objectives sooner if they had only decided to seek outside help.

One of the more common struggles a job seeker has  is finding the right career developer to fit your employment career needs and personality. This is crucial because you need a career developer who can relate to your field of choice, who understands you, and who can identify your areas of weakness for development purposes. It is important to carefully screen and asking detailed questions to find the best person to help you achieve your employment of choice.

What do career developers help with?

Job seekers often need help with:

  • interviewing skills
  • understanding management styles
  • knowing how to present well with confidence
  • communication skills in general
  • networking

An excellent career developer will identify the ares areas you need to work on. He or she will working with you to develop strategies to increase your strength and understanding of these areas.

You have already invested time and effort into getting experience, education, and training. Doesn’t it makes sense to continue to invest in yourself with the help of a career developer? You will achieve your career goals much quicker.

So, when exactly is the right time to hire a career developer? The right time is whenever you decide you are ready to overcome whatever obstacle is holding you back from a successful and positive employment pathway. Is that time now? 

Happy Career Hunting! We are here for you!

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