What’s Going RIGHT In Your Job Search?

Thom Singer had a great post titled Refuel And Focus On What Is Going Right!

He talks about a keynote speaker he heard who focused on reach, risk and refueling, and closed her message with “focus on what is going right.”

In a job search it’s easy to focus on what’s going wrong, which leads to nothing but trouble.  You get discouraged, hopeless, and you beat yourself up.  Mental and physical health deteriorates.  People don’t want to be around you, and no one is comfortable making networking introductions for you.

You have something bad about you that turns other people off.

It’s BAD.

Change that. Focus on what is going right.

Get a flat tire, or a blow-out on the highway?  Focus on the fact that you didn’t die, and no one got hurt.

Got laid off from your company? Focus on the fact that you still have your hands, or brain, or whatever you need, to make a living.

Starting to lose your sight, and not able to do your job?  Focus on the fact that you have enough other skills to do something new, perhaps consult or train others.

I recently met someone who’s brother, a dentist, lost the fingers on his right hand (yes, he’s right handed), in a machine accident at home.  He likely won’t be able to practice dentistry anymore, but he will be able to teach at a dental school.

My daughter recently fell on the sidewalk and smashed her face pretty bad.  Our dentist had to yank some baby teeth.  But she had no bone/jaw damage, and will heal just fine.

Getting laid off or fired hurts. You can blame yourself, or the economy, or a customer, or the sales team, etc.

Instead of spending time or effort there, focus on what’s right.

What could possibly be right?

Maybe now you have a chance to pursue a dream you couldn’t before — whether that’s a hobby or a massive career change.

Maybe now you can retire… wasn’t in the plans, but it might make sense.

Maybe now you can slow down.

Maybe now you can go to school… something that’s been nagging at you for years.

Maybe now you can pay more attention to your family.

Maybe now you are out of an abusive work relationship.

Maybe now you can call your own shots, and choose from different employers.

Maybe now you _______________ (you know how to fill in your own blank).

Easier said than done, I KNOW.  But the benefits of focusing on what’s right can be life-changing, and get you out of a nasty funk.

Please, please, please focus on what’s right!


  1. Ed Han on June 8, 2011 at 7:34 am

    Excellent point re: understanding how to see the positive. It’s a version of the idea that challenges aren’t problems, they’re opportunities.

    It’s about taking the right perspective and it’s an important message.

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