Job Search + Vacation? Tips from Alison Doyle

I recently got an email from Alison Doyle, Job Search Expert at, with a link to her article Taking Your Job Search on Vacation.

It’s worth your time to read… this applies weather you are going on a boat, train or plane, OR if you are staying home but don’t plan on being tethered to your phone/computer.

In the article Alison talks about a few tactics (see here), including:

  • Check your email (on a regular basis!),
  • Have internet access,
  • Make sure your cell phone works (especially if going overseas), and
  • Have your resume accessible from wherever you are.

The last one reminds me of a friend who was in a serious job search but left home for about 10 days to go to his daughter’s wedding out of state.  Someone he met asked him for his resume and his first thought was “OH NO, IT’S ON MY HOME COMPUTER!”  He wasn’t going to be able to access his home computer for a while.  Luckily, he had his resume stored in JibberJobber, so that evening he got online and pulled it down, and was able to send it that same day.

Another great alternative or backup is to email yourself your resume, assuming you have a gmail or some other web-based email system.

Then, from wherever you are you can search for “Jason Alba resume” in your email system and you should have it right there, even ready to forward to someone else.

Don’t get stuck in a position where you are days or weeks away from being able to respond appropriately!

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