What HR Thinks About Salaries and Raises (Readers Digest Version)

Another Readers Digest article applicable to job seekers, this time about money.  What HR People Won’t Tell You About Salaries and Raises brings up some good points – definitely make sure you read the comments (especially the one from salary.com).

Here are some points from the article:

“There’s one website that drives all HR people crazy: salary.com. It supposedly…” (read the post at RD for more… ) (#1)

“On salary, some companies try to lock you in early.” (#2) Want to get “locked in??”

“You think you’re all wonderful and deserve a higher salary, but here in HR, we know the truth.” (#3)

Be careful if a headhunter is negotiating for you.” (#4)

“I once hired someone, and her mother didn’t think the salary we were offering was high enough, so she called me to negotiate.” (#5)

Wow… the gloves come off! I would love to hear more from HR – the article only had these 5 points (read the article for the meat and potatoes).

Again, take it with a grain of salt. Is there stuff to learn? Definitely. I remember reading on BrazenCareerist one GenY job seeker was appalled that his/her mom called HR on her behalf. Many others chimed in saying they would NEVER want that to happen.

Is HR friend or foe?  You better know this, before you go in thinking they are there advocating for you, and championing your resume.

Again, these responses will vary by various factors…!

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