What HR Thinks About Job Interviews (Readers Digest Version)

This is the third, and final of the Readers Digest thoughts.  This time it’s on their post What HR People Won’t Tell You About The Job Interview.

Here are some of their snippets (read post for the entire story):

“It’s amazing when people come in for an interview and say, ‘Can you tell me about your business?’ Seriously, people.” (#1)

“A lot of managers don’t want to hire people with young kids, and they use all sorts of tricks to find that out, illegally.” (#2)

“Is it harder to get the job if you’re fat? Absolutely. Hiring managers make quick judgments based on stereotypes.” (#3)

“Another candidate didn’t get hired because the manager was worried that the car he drove wasn’t nice enough.” (#4)

“If you’ve got a weak handshake, I make a note of it.” (#5)

This is dark and ugly… but look folks, PEOPLE STEREOTYPE!

I bet <gasp> even YOU stereotype!

I’d love to see an entire BOOK on this type of stuff.  This is a market – they are buying, you are selling.  The question is, what are the buyer’s behaviors?  And what does that mean for you, as the merchant?

You NEED TO know about this stuff – illegal or not, it’s how it works.

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