What does a second-tier resume get me?

I was reading Thom Singer’s post titled Second Tier Efforts Bring Second Tier Results… his message is along the lines of “you get what you put into it.” If you do a half-baked job, you get half-baked results.

This is not true with your resume.  A second-tier, or half-baked resume will get you NO RESULTS.

My resume looked awesome. Many people, from hiring managers to human resource professionals, gave me feedback that thought I had one of the best resumes out there.

They were judging my resume based on content – that is, who I was and I had done.  It’s the stuff we wish a company would judge us on, right?

But my resume was keeping me out of interviews.  There were a few gotchas that only a trained I would recognize that made my resume second-tier…. and that got me ZERO results.

If you are getting zero results you need to talk to someone at Career Resumes.  After all, it’s more about a marketing document to get you results than it is a brag-sheet about how accomplished you are.

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