Job Search: Ask For Help!

Your friends and family want to help you land a job, they just don’t know how to help you.

I was inspired by a post on Keith Ferrazzi’s blog from Wednesday talking about Joy Meredith, who is in a job search and is making it easy for her contacts to know how to help her.  Check out the post here.

I think offering a bounty (10%) of her salary to anyone who “puts her in touch with the right people to land her next project” is controversial (I wrote about it a while back and it was quite controversial), but reaching out to others should not be.

I love Joy’s website that helps people understand HOW to help her, what she is looking for, and relevant information to help YOU know what she needs.  She even has a section called “NOT A FIT” where she helps you understand what she ISN’T looking for.

This is a fantastic communication piece – can you learn anything from it that you can implement?

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