The Value of a Professional Resume

… or, the value of a resume professionally written.

I was reading Cheezhead, which is a blog that talks about current events in the career space (emphasis on job boards, recruiter tools, etc.).  There was a post titled “helpful resume site launches,” talking about JobSpice (which enters into the same space as VisualCV and Emurse (recently acquired by AOL).

The thing that caught my eye, though, was the first comment, by Brian De Groodt, of Brightridge Group (a recruiting shop).  Check this out (third paragraph of his comment):

While professional resume writing may be the service-du-jour to kick right now, I have to say as a recruiter for a long time it’s obvious who’s invested in the service and who was disinterested in investing further in their career. Good writers are hard to find. Good writers that know how to interview for facts–facts we’re often unaware or too bashful to provide ourselves–are even rarer and worth every dollar invested in my opinion.

How’s that for an argument for getting your resume professionally done!  Not all recruiters agree with this, but I think most would agree that they can tell the difference between a resume you pay for and a resume you do on your own.

If it’s so “obvious,” as Brian writes, it’s probably one more thing that helps a recruiter make a judgement call about YOU.

Invest in your career/future?  Probably an excellent idea.


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