Get Ready To Turn Up The Heat On Career Management and Job Search

As the owner of a website that people come to to manage their careers (organize their job searches, etc.) I’ve been intrigued at the cyclical nature of my signups.  Remember, my site is JibberJobber, and the idea is that it replaces the job search spreadsheet.

This is my third summer in business, and each summer I see a significant drop in signups.  August is the lowest month of the summer and the year.  I’m guessing that people are busy having fun, taking vacation, and otherwise staying away from the computer.

BUT, in September it picks up significantly, all the way through December, which was my biggest month last year.

What does this mean for you?

If you have been putting off a job search because “no one is hiring” or “no one is interviewing” in the summer, it’s time to get ready.  Your competition is getting ready!

You should have your resume ready NOW (if you don’t, call Career Resumes).  You should have your 30 second pitch ready NOW.  You should have a list of contacts you are going to reach out to NOW.  You should have your business cards, your list of networking events, your LinkedIn Profile and all of that ready NOW!

Don’t wait until the end of this nice, warm month… when people are on vacation, it’s time for you to be ready!

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