The “Recession” is “Over”

Yesterday I heard the recession is over.  I immediately emailed the only guy I know who follows the numbers from the government and wondered what he would say, and I was surprised to hear his response.

Indeed, the recession may be over.  Mark Hovind’s analysis and conclusions can be found on his recession page.

I tweeted about this and many responses were along the lines of “yeah right” and “it sure doesn’t feel like it!”  According to Mark, in a webinar we did a few months ago, the numbers might change but we’ll still feel like we are in a recession (just like we felt like we weren’t in a recession even though we had already entered one).

Here’s an interesting blog post from Dave Mendoza, the recruiter who writes Six Degrees From Dave: Bay Area Tech Company Needs to Hire 200 Recruiters & Sourcers, One Year Contract. Pretty cool to think a company is doing so much growth they need to hire 200 recruiters…

I’m not sure what to think – I’m hopefully that the recession might be at its lowest point, but either way, lots of people will feel it for many years – and even when the recession is history, there will be people who are living in their own recession – the question we have to ask ourselves is what are WE doing to prepare for a recession – whether a general one or a personal one?

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