The Job Search in a Recession

Another thing I learned earlier this week (at a job seekers network meeting, with over 100 job seekers) was that it’s better and easier to find a job during a recession.

The logic was that there are less people switching jobs – people who are employed are nervous to change jobs so they stay put, which means they are not competition with active job seekers.

That sounds logical, but I don’t agree that it’s easier to find a job during a recession, especially for that reason alone.  I’m no economist but I’m inclined to think that during a recession:

  1. There are more active job seekers. Everyone and their dog knows at least one person who has been laid off, which is not the case during a non-recession.
  2. There are less jobs. I think many job search advocates will agree with this, but from what I’ve seen the jobs have dried up.  There just aren’t as many openings – companies are trimming back and not ready to overhire until they understand what is happening with the market.

It sounds nice that those pesky passive job seekers aren’t competing as much with the active job seekers, but I hardly think that makes finding a job in today’s economy a positive.

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