The List: What Do I Want/Need Out Of My Next Job?

I remember counseling someone during a transition a few years ago.  He was interested in only one thing: salary.

I was in a “bad relationship” with my employer.  Not bad enough to leave, but bad enough to know I didn’t like it there.  It wasn’t healthy for me at all, and I should have left. The experience helped me realize there’s a lot more to a job than just a paycheck, no matter how good it is.

What’s on your list of must-have’s in a new role?

I explored this a little bit on this post: Blue Collar Job Search – What Do You Want in a Job

I put that post together for a friend who was in transition.  He wasn’t sure what kind of environment he wanted to work in, which was affecting his ability to narrow down companies, titles, roles, etc.  This list was quite helpful.

I found a new list on recruitingblogs from Paul Crowley.  The post is titled What do you get from a job besides a paycheck?

It’s an important post to read. If you don’t understand the answers to those questions, you might get stuck in a job that just isn’t right for you. The culture might be wrong.  The way you are appreciated might not fit.  The non-monetary compensation might be out of line.  The ethics might cross lines that you never wanted to cross.

Go through Paul’s list right now.  Answering those questions, and the questions I pose in my post above, can give you focus and clarity in your search.

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