Open Letter to Job Seekers, from Recruiter Amy Ala

Here’s a brilliant read that you must digest. As a job seeker it’s easy to get frustrated at recruiters (and hiring managers, HR, etc.) because they aren’t giving us the respect we are used to (the respect we had when we had a job, with a title and a salary).

As a recruiter, Amy has frustrations with job seekers…. and I’m sure she’s seen all kinds of bad behavior. Read her letter to you here. Her advice is bulleted below, but you MUST read her post, or you’ll miss the message:

  • Know yourself
  • Find companies that hire what you are
  • Talk to her (the recruiter)
  • Apply selectively
  • Be patient (with a link to a story of job seeker patience that paid off)

What do you think? Are you different than the typical job seeker? Are you better than the average recruiter candidate?

I thought I was, too.

Turned out I was exactly like the rest of them.

Read Amy’s letter, and differentiate yourself from the rest!

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