Tips on How to Format a Resume

Format a Resume

There are many ways to format a resume. It can depend on the type of resume you are creating, the industry you are in, and sometimes the application process requirements. There are traditional formats and more modern formats. Regardless, of all these factors, the following list of tips applies to all resumes. Need help with…

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Resume Work Experience Tips

Resume Work Experience

Your resume work experience section can take on many forms and formats. Whether you are listing your experience in chronological order or by relevancy, these tips will help you! Need help with your resume? Take advantage of our Free Resume Critique. #1. Relevant and Recent You should always start with your most recent job description under…

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Resume Tips: How to tell your story

Resume Tips

The best resume tips we can give include how to tell your professional story in an interesting way that is quick and easy to read. Need help with your resume? Take advantage of our Free Resume Critique. According to a section in an article titled Storytelling in Your Resume: Why and How by,  “As a…

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Problem-Solving Skills to Including on a Resume

Problem-Solving Skills

Learn more about problem-solving skills, how they work, and why they are critical to demonstrate on a resume and in an interview. What are problem-solving skills? Problem-solving is considered a soft skill that typically learned and improved through experience rather than through education or training. It is much like critical thinking and employers and hiring…

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Critical Thinking Skills for a Resume

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills are the ability to think clearly and rationally, understanding the logical connection between ideas. Critical thinking could be described as the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking. It requires you to use your ability to reason. For example, you can research the pros and cons of running two miles a day. A…

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Grammar Mistakes to Avoid on a Resume or Cover Letter

Grammar Mistakes to Avoid

Grammar mistakes to avoid at all costs. No one is going to argue that spelling and punctuation mistakes can kill a resume or cover letter. However, grammar mistakes can be less obvious but are just as deadly. They may not even be noted by spellcheck, Grammarly, and other tools used to detect such things. Get…

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Stats in a Resume will Land You the Job: Here’s How

Stats in a Resume

Does your resume need more stats? Numbers and percents will get you noticed. Stats in a resume matter to your current and future bosses more than anything else. Why? One of the most recent reasons is the global shift to remote work due to the pandemic. If your boss can’t see you do actual work,…

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3 Time-Tested Ways to Attract a Potential Employer

Attract a Potential Employer

A resume is a critical tool in the job market. Still, many job applicants underestimate its value to attract a potential employer. That is why many experts with vast experience and excellent skills do not get an offer no matter how hard they try. Isn’t it a pity? Find out how with a resume, you…

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Tips For Job Hunting with a Disability

job hunting with a disability

Job hunting with a disability becomes much easier if you consider some of these tips and technology advantages. Your skills and experience will set you apart and help you land your next dream job. It is important to feel confident in your interview skills and your accomplishments and be able to convey them to a…

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Why You Should Get Your Resume Updated Now

why you should update your resume

It’s tempting to wait, why should you get your resume updated now? Here’s the top reasons why you need to spend some time making sure your resume is ready to use:   Why You Should Get Your Resume Updated Now In volatile times it’s important to be ready to pivot with changing needs and industry…

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