7 Best Job Interview Tips for Older Candidates

by Guest Author, Gabrielle Olya Being a mid-career or advanced-career job candidate means you have plenty of years of experience under your belt, which should be an advantage during the interview process. Unfortunately, studies have shown that ageism is rampant when it comes to hiring. For example, a recent study conducted by Generation found that 63% of job…

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How to Research a Manager Before a Job Interview

by Guest Author, Leslie Stevens-Huffman Studies show that a competent boss is linked to higher employee job satisfaction, success, promotions and work-life balance. Yet many job seekers don’t see the job interview process as a prime opportunity to evaluate whether a prospective manager is right for them. Unless you scope out the manager beforehand, you may miss…

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13 Bad Interview Habits That Will Keep You From Being Hired

by Guest Author, Gabrielle Olya Getting called for a job interview — especially now, in an extremely difficult job market — is a major feat in itself. Of course, you want to make it to the next round or, even better, get a call offering you the job. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes…

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What’s in a Handshake?


The messages we send when we shake hands are more complex – and more powerful – than many realize. The handshake dates back as far as the 5th century BC and are known to have been exchanged in ancient Greece. They are thought to have roots in peacemaking as a means of showing that the…

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Interview Techniques that will Land You the Job

interview techniques

Do you have the right interview techniques? What interview techniques are the most important? When do you show up for an interview? How should you dress for an interview? When should you ask about benefits? How many copies of your resume should you bring? How do you answer behavioral interview questions? Do you know what…

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