Spell Check on the Internet

Last night I was in  5 1/2 hour presentation on LinkedIn and Personal Branding in Atlanta with Jim Browning. Today we do it again… it is fun and rewarding, especially when you see the aha! moments in the audience!

Something that came up last night was spell check when you are in LinkedIn…. Jim suggested you do your work in a Word document, get it spell-checked, and then copy and paste it into the browers.

I have another idea: use Firefox as your browser, instead of Internet Explorer.  I understand IE now has a spell check function, which is relatively new, but Firefox has had it for a long time.  Instead of wishing each website had it’s own spell check, attack the problem at the browser level with Firefox.  There are a number of other reasons why I prefer Firefox to Internet Explorer (the main one is because it’s faster to load…. )

Now, in your job search, when you apply to jobs online, respond to people on LinkedIn, send emails in from Yahoo or Gmail, you can know that your stuff is getting the proper spell checking… and not have to worry about going back and forth between the web and Word.

Cool, huh?

Oh yeah, downloading Firefox is free and easy!  You can do it from here.

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