Should you Apply for a Job Online? Surprisingly, YES!

Here’s a post I didn’t think I’d read… from Recruiting Blogs, Jeffrey Moore writes Should you apply for a job online?

His conclusion is summed up in this line:

“Short answer? Yes. Long answer? Hell yes.”

Very interesting.

Most job search coaches tell their clients to not spend time, or to really limit their time, to online job boards, and applying to jobs online.

Jeffrey, a recruiter, ends the post with his five step system, which is to network, network and network.  This is his “quick plan for doing all you can to get into a target company.”

But he argues that unless you apply online, in many cases, you can’t be considered as a candidate.  In the first comment, Valentino Martinez writes:

Some companies won’t interview you if you’re not in their Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  Why?  Employers are motivated by EEOC/OFCCP to treat/handle all job applicants the same (fairly).

Oh great, now we are dealing with government regulations.  So maybe we really do need to take this approach.

Read Jeffrey’s post for more on his three why’s:

  1. So you get “in the system,”
  2. So recruiters can find you when they search for candidates for other openings,
  3. So you can easily apply to other openings, and get your resume in front of other recruiters.

This is an interesting, and seemingly solid, argument FOR spending time on job boards and applying there.

If only it didn’t take so long to apply on clunky systems 🙁

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