How to Prepare for a Skype Interview

It is becoming more common for a company to ask you to do a Skype, or video, interview, instead of fly you out to their corporate offices.  This has been happening in universities a lot, and a friend of mine owns Hireview, a company that helps hiring managers and HR control interview costs with video interviews.

How do you succeed in a video interview?  Alyssa Martino wrote a post titled How to Not Screw Up a Skype Interview on Brazen Careerist.  In her post she has three sections, each with valuable gems to succeed on video:

Tend to the Big Picture talks about body language, colors to where (yes, it is important!), where to look, and what to have in your background.

Silence is Golden talks about cutting out distractions, like chat clients and cell phones, as well as any noises that might come from other family members or pets.  She suggests you even put a sign over the doorbell so people don’t ring and ring.

Expect Technology Hiccups talks about what kind of connection to choose, using Skype before you do the interview to be familiar with it, and having a Plan B (another laptop).

I’ve done many interviews, and here’s the bottom line.  You can wing it with your responses, and with your technology.  But, just as you might say something off because you haven’t prepared, you may have some glitch in your presentation or your appearance or your technology, and that can be distracting enough that people don’t listen to your message and your substance.

Don’t let poor preparation get in the way of successfully getting your message across.  PREPARE!

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