Resumes for Financial Experts (& Your Competition)

I was doing a search for executive resumes, and CFO resumes. I came across a search term “CFO resume examples,” instead of “CFO resume samples,” which surprised me.  Here are some related search terms, suggested by Google:

ceo resume examples
coo resume examples
cio resume examples
cto resume examples
cpa resume examples
controller resume examples
cfo cover letter examples

A few things I deduct from these suggestions:

  • CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CTOs, CPAs, Controllers and CFOs are currently and actively looking for help with their job search marketing documents.
  • People are looking for resume and cover letter help.
  • If YOUR competition is paying for help to get their documents done well and right, what does that mean for people who are using a “do it yourself” approach?  Can their documents match up, or get past the screening, compared to professionally prepared resumes?

It’s amazing that executives, who can easily earn more than $100/hour will forgo a small investment without having any real understanding of what they are building?  A resume is much more than a 1 or 2 page document… right?

At the very least, send your resume to Career Resumes for a free resume review.

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