Resume Samples

Are you looking for resume samples?  You should be, for a number of reasons:

  • Resume samples show you different formatting ideas – resume formats that are acceptable.
  • Resume samples show you how to structure phrases and sentences on your resume.
  • Resume samples show you what sections go where, or how long sections of a resume should be.
  • Resume samples give you wording ideas – you know to start a bullet with an action verb – see the resume samples for ideas of STRONG words to use.

When I started my job search I wasted a week looking for a six year old resume that I pieced together. I really should have looked for resume samples, written by resume experts (like those at Career Resumes), and just started from scratch.  Even if you decided to outsource your resume  to a resume writing service, what you gain from the experience of trying to write your own resume will be invaluable.

If you wrote your own resume and want to get it critiqued, click on the Free Resume Critique link at the top left.

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