How to Survive a Layoff

Manny Otiko is a PR professional who wrote a great post called Tips on Surviving a Layoff.  You’ll have to read his post to get the explanations of all of his points, which are:

  • Be Patient. Based on today’s economy he argues that it takes considerably longer to land a job – not our fault but we have to figure out how to deal with this extra delay in moving on.
  • Brush up on your job hunting skills. This idea bugged me the most – I didn’t want to read books and books and become an expert on it, I just wanted a job!
  • Modify your phone plan. Specifically talking about the cost of your current cell plan, but I’d suggest you modify your phone strategy, also (which means: GET ON THE PHONE!).
  • Network, network, network. Yes, absolutely.  How do you manage a network? JibberJobber, of course :p
  • Shake the tree. Go back to old network contacts (use LinkedIn to find them, JibberJobber to manage the relationship)
  • Create your own job. Time to freelance? Or at least get ONE customer?
  • Use your free time well. Great points here.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Especially referring to emotional issues you might face, such as job search depression.

I like posts like this from people who aren’t job search experts… they are simply sharing what they have come to realize during their own transition.


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