Prepare better for job search interviews

Last month Alison Doyle posted two articles to help you interview better:

Top 50 Interview Questions: personally, I hate the wierd questions. I find them almost offensive, and lazy.  Maybe because I’m more of a programmer-type, and I like ones and zeros, and don’t gravitate towards philosophy.  But in my experience, interviewers aren’t really smart enough to understand a clever or brilliant answer to their quirky questions, especially if they weren’t expecting it – so you are disqualified for actually being smarter than what they expected.

Nonetheless, the questions Alison Doyle lists are good, and you should be prepared for them!  Prepare for the interview before, and be aware (or, beware) of questions that might be designed to throw you off and make you uncomfortable (although, I personally wouldn’t put up with ILLEGAL questions).  Prepare for the questions with excellent responses and you’ll be significantly better than most others who just kind of wander into the interview.

Top 50 Interview Mistakes: reading through many of these makes me wonder if it is a joke, but I know that people do stupid things before, during or after an interview.  Please, read these, and vow to never do them!

You never know when the opportunity to interview will come – be prepared! You don’t really have time to read a few articles an hour before you leave… that’s not preparing!  Do it now 🙂

Tip: You can use as an interview preparation tool.  Login, then go to Interview Prep, where you can record the answers to those questions.

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