DO NOT Lie To Recruiters!

What’s the worst that could happen if you lie to a recruiter?

If you are a job seeker, you could essentially become blacklisted by the recruiter, his firm, and their contacts.

Recruiters are networkers.

They talk.

If you lie, they can find out.  If they find out, they will question everything else you’ve told them.

Check out this Recruiting Blogs post by Craig Watson, titled If I could turn back time… or recreate history…

Craig tells the story of a candidate he was representing that had LIED.

Craig was disappointed, because he should have gotten a nice commission from placing him.

I’m sure he was embarrassed, as the real story started to unravel.

I’m sure he was angry that the candidate put him through that, and made him look bad (to a degree).

Do you think Craig would want to work with, or recommend that candidate, ever?  If someone asked about that person, will Craig give a hearty reference?

I doubt it.

It’s better to just not lie. Especially to someone who should be in your corner (the recruiter).

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