No Fresh Job Search Advice: Why?

Have you noticed when you read job search advice articles and blogs that it all seems to be the same?

Why is that?

I have my theories.  Before I share them, I’ll lament with you about how lame it is to read the same old thing everywhere.  The worst was what I’d read on the big mainstream news sites… the advice there seemed so generic AND so low-level (that it, for people with no education, not for professionals or executives).  It was offensive to read some of the dribble they wrote, especially when they would do it in a preachy way.

You know what I mean, don’t you?

I try and not write dribble. I try and bring my own experience into my writing.  I hope I don’t cross the dribble line.

So here are a few reasons why I think job search advice seems to be the same:

  1. Because the job search is principle-based, and you need to hear (and apply) the principles…. and most job seekers don’t.  Stop looking for some silver bullet.  It doesn’t exist.  Do the right stuff, don’t do the wrong stuff.  The key is “DO!”
  2. Because writers are lazy.  They read something someone else writes, then regurgitate it.  I know I’m guilty of this… a few years ago I read about LinkedIn, and started regurgitating advice to write about LinkedIn.  Interestingly, that lead to a book about LinkedIn!  I regurgitated some but tried to always put my twist on it.  Many authors don’t. They are just trying to get “new” content out regularly.
  3. Because the readers “transient.”  That’s my word to describe job seekers… here today, employed tomorrow.  There’s always a fresh group of deer-in-the-headlights job seekers who are anxious to learn what’s “new” in today’s job search.
  4. Because people continue to spend tons of time doing the wrong things.  I spent a lot of time each week on job boards… applying to jobs!  Crazy, huh? That’s what I did… and I wasted months.  I bet a high percentage of job seekers today are still making the same rookie mistakes.

I remember a few years ago I wrote a post about how I’ve pretty much written all I can about job search stuff.  There was nothing new to talk about.  I’ve written plenty since then, but what I’ve found is that people need to stop looking for that silver bullet tactic and just start doing a smart job search!

Don’t look for your next job in cliche articles… look for it in relationships!

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