How Will Obamacare’s Ruling Affect the Career Space?

It’s been interesting to see the reactions to the Supreme Court ruling that Obamacare is constitutional, which means it can move forward.  Lot’s of speculation and opinion flying around with religious zeal.

On Facebook there’s a picture of a warrior preparing for battle and the caption says something like:

“Brace yourself!  Everyone is about to become a Constitutional expert!”

Already seeing that, in people’s reactions.  I’ve seen two very logical and “that makes sense” pieces on it… one of them is in this Yahoo article: Obamacare and the coming Entrepreneurship Boom

I have  a friend in New England. Her husband has a terrific job at a Fortune 100 company. He totally wants to leave and do his own thing but the health insurance is what keeps him there.  Sure he gets paid well, but they don’t have traditional pension, and he thinks he can replace his income in his own business.  But at his age, there is no way they could replace the health benefits the big company offers.  My friend already owns her own business, so they both rely on his health benefits.

They’ve essentially been trapped.

In the Yahoo article the author (Kimberly Weisul) suggests that Obamacare changes everything, and that many people who were once trapped working in big companies will now be able to go independent.

  • Will that include you?  Was that the last thing holding you back?
  • How will this impact our economy?  Kimberly says “You think there’s a war for talent now?”  Amen.
  • How will this impact big companies, if they see significant talent (either significant in numbers, or significant in brain-power) leave?
  • Will those that leave have a reason to hire employees?  If they do, they might feel the squeeze of Obamacare (as I understand it, there is a heavier burden placed on companies, especially small companies, to now pay new medical fees to the government to be in compliance)?  It might be better for them to not hire employees, but to develop offshore teams and not have to pay those fees.

One part of me says this is going to start a new revolution – since we are not trapped in big-company health care, we can do our own thing… how many great new companies will be born?

The other part of me says this will have a nominal impact and business will go about as usual, at least as far as how many people make the leap to start their own gig.

What do you think?  (NOT of the law and what happened, but the implications on jobs, careers and the economy (as it relates to what I wrote about) – please be respectful in the comments :))

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