Ultimate Guide to Making a Video Resume

by guest author Evelina Brown

Not everyone will resign to making a video resume – most candidates prefer to follow the classic and simpler path. However, we recommend you surprise potential employers with a creative approach and think about creating a video resume. Firstly, the video will 100% distinguish you from the crowd of other applicants, secondly, the recruiter will see your interest, and thirdly, this is a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills.

Today we will share our tips on how to create such a video resume, process it, and impress a dream job employer.

ultimate guide to making a video resume

Why make a video resume?

Against the background of the difficult economic situation that has developed in the world over the past 2 years, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a good job. Since the distant 2015, there has been a steady trend towards a reduction in the number of vacancies with a significant increase in the number of applicants. And often, in the competition for a prestigious position, the ones who know how to submit themselves win over those who fully meet the requirements and possess the necessary skills. 

So why choose video?

  • The employer will surely notice you. Unlike a standard resume, a video resume will bring you to the spotlight. We don’t mean that the usual resume format has become less effective, but video messages look more impressive and unusual. Therefore, they are viewed first and don’t gather dust in the bottom drawer of the desk. Moreover, information is best remembered when the subject moves dynamically.
  • Video resume provides opportunities that are difficult to implement with a standard resume. For example, you can draw the employer’s attention to your strengths and vice versa, hide or disguise those features that don’t present you in the best way. Agree that doing this with a regular resume is quite problematic.
  • The video resume reveals the personality. The main disadvantage of regular resumes is that employers don’t see real people behind them. There is only a list of skills, abilities, a listing of past jobs, and a photograph, which, firstly, is not always attached, and secondly, doesn’t demonstrate personality.
  • A small number of similar resumes. Remember the main principle: if you want to find the best job offer, become such an offer for the employer yourself. Typically, job seekers try to find a job using standard tools like LinkedIn that have been in use for decades. This means that you need to catch the moment and become one of the few who will surprise future bosses with their extraordinary approach to job search.

Make a Video Resume

7 main rules of making a video resume

#1. Tell a story

The biggest mistake you make when creating a video resume is simply reading your career accomplishments and skills onto the camera. A video resume gives you the opportunity to share your experience in a way that will be remembered by employers.

Take advantage of this opportunity – tell a compelling story about yourself, rather than read out what is written in your standard resume.

Explain how the position you are applying for suits your career ambitions and why you are interested in it. You must make sure that the employer has the right idea of ​​who you are and why you are the perfect candidate.

#2. Personalize your video resume

Each company has its own level of formalities, corporate culture, and expectations. Likewise, every job you apply for has its own requirements.

Therefore, you should record a video resume taking into account the specifics of the particular company where you are trying to get a job. Study the vacancy announcement, pay attention to what requirements are emphasized. Be sure to include the required skills in your resume video.

This will not only grab the employer’s attention but also show them that you are truly the perfect fit for the job.

#3. Keep it short

Companies receive a lot of resumes, which is why recruiters spend no more than a minute on each. This means that your video resume should immediately interest the viewer and last no more than 90 seconds. Otherwise, you risk trying the recruiter’s patience.

During this time, you must tell everything about yourself without further ado.

#4. Discard cliche wording

From the words “stress-resistant,” “communicative,” and “adaptable,” any recruiter’s eyes begin to twitch. And this is not the whole list of cliches. Replace them with synonyms, or omit them altogether. They can be specified in the text version, but they will not add points in the video resume.

#5. State your motivation

The employer must understand how interested you are in the job and what you expect from the position. Try to avoid platitudes. Be as sincere as possible and don’t go overboard when you think you’re willing to move mountains for the good of the company.

#6. Make it professional

Recording your video resume on a webcam in your bedroom may save you money, but it is unlikely that such a video will impress your future boss.

This may sound evident, but the video resume should look professional. The recruiter needs to see and hear you well in order to have a good impression.

Therefore, the background on the video should be minimalistic and clean (you can use the green screen to apply any professional background if you don’t have the opportunity to find a suitable location). The video quality should be good, and there should be no distracting or irritating sounds in the background. It is advisable to wear not gross but casual business attire.

Fortunately, many flagman smartphones are capable of recording professional-quality videos even on a small budget. But be sure to edit the recorded material: remove unnecessary pauses, cut off information that might turn out to be superfluous in a user-friendly free video editor. Also, you can add some quiet royalty-free music to your video to cheer up the monotonous narration.

#7. Prepare a basic resume to accompany the video

The disadvantage of a video resume is the impossibility of using it separately, without a standard resume. Therefore, you need to take care of drawing up a regular resume (that can be done in a simple resume builder, by the way), which will reveal information about your experience and skills in more detail. Be sure to have several resumes at hand.

Final say 

A high-quality video resume can grab the employer’s attention and make you memorable. When you record your video, be sure to show it to your family, friends, or current colleagues and ask for their opinion. Сonstructive criticism can help you refine the final version and avoid mistakes.

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