How to Make Job Hopping Look Good in an Interview

Do you have some job-hopping on your resume?

What is Job-Hopping? A job hopper is someone who switches jobs every one or two years on their own accord. 

According to the US Labor of Statistics, an employee in the U.S. stays with their employer for an average of 4.6 years.

If you are a freelancer or new in your career – this is more common than you may think. Plus, the current job market due to the pandemic has forced a lot of people to get creative with their careers and ways to earn money. In some respects, you have a lot more opportunities, but jumping from one thing to the next can look bad on a resume.

Why Do People Job Hop?

  • Not happy with their current position.
  • Looking for another opportunity to help grow their careers.
  • Get bored very quickly and easily.
  • Looking for more challenging opportunities.
  • Want to gain specific new skills.

Here is How to Make Job Hopping Look Good

1. You are Good at Adapting

Job hopping forces you to adapt to new working environments. You need to be very good at communication, learning new systems quickly, and building relationships. Being able to adapt to a new work environment is a good soft skill to have.

2. Faster Career Development

You’ve heard it before and you will hear it again, the fastest way to move up in your career is by switching jobs. This does not only apply to those working as an employee or contractor; even self-employed people want more exposure and knowledge about their industry so that they can grow with time.

3. A Higher Salary

As you move up your career ladder, you can ask for a higher salary. If you stick to one job, you can usually count on bonuses and annual raises, but the reality is – they typically won’t be as high as switching jobs. You have much more leverage to negotiate when starting a new job.

4. You Can Change Your Work-Life Balance

It’s never too late to start fresh. Changing your job can be the reset button on both your career and personal life, giving you a healthy change in scenery that will surely make things better for years ahead!

The Negatives of Job Hopping

You need to be prepared for employers who look at job-hopping as a negative or a red flag. Here are some ways to dissuade them of their fears about your value and talents.

  1. Getting established – remind them that you are very good at communication and meeting new people. You have a lot of experience jumping right into a new team and helping out.
  2. You will leave your new position soon – You like a challenge and you are looking for a growth opportunity – if they can provide this – you will stay.
  3. It’s not just about the money – Reassure them that you are looking for a challenge, a better work environment, and a lifestyle change.

Do you have advice for job-hopping? What has worked for you in interviews?

how to make job hopping look good

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