Looking for a job when you are already employed

I am frequently asked how to create a LinkedIn Profile if you don’t want your boss to know you are looking for another job.

It’s a common problem people face… how to look for a job when you are busy with a full-time day job.

One aspect of the problem is time: by the time you get home from work you are exhausted.  Or, you can’t do much (email/phone) during business hours.

Another aspect of the problem, as mentioned above, is not letting your boss know, which might result in getting canned.

Tim Tyrell-Smith wrote a great article for US News titled Looking for a Job When You’re Already Employed. His tips include:

  • Prepare your marketing materials (including your resume) early,
  • Establish target companies
  • hire a career coach
  • be easy to find on LinkedIn,

and 5  others.  Check out his entire post here.

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