Book Recommendations for Job Seekers from LinkedIn Answers

Peter recently asked his network what books they recommend to job seekers.  There were over 25 responses… some of them are the standard job search books, network books, resume books, etc.  The more popular books (or authors) include:

  • What Color is your Parachute (and other books by Richard Bolles)
  • Seven Days to Online Networking (by Sautter and Crompton, who both work for one of the top outplacement firms)
  • Any/many books by Susan Whitcomb and/or Wendy Enelow
  • Martin Yate books
  • Never Eat Alone (Keith Ferrazzi)
  • Rites of Passage (John Lucht)
  • Anything with Guerrilla in the title (like Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters)
  • Negotiate your Salary (Jack Chapman)
  • Any Dummies books by Joyce Lain Kennedy

Non-traditional recommendations include:

  • no books!  Paraphrasing: they all say the same thing, and you really need to just get out and work it, not read about it.  LOL
  • A Steven King book, which is a “great story” and a “wonderful distraction” – we could all use that, right?
  • Two “make me feel good” books, one by Anthony Robbins, one by Dr. Wayne Dyer

There are others, of course – click here to see the question/responses.

(Darn, no one recommended my LinkedIn book – what does that mean?  Of course, they didn’t recommend any LinkedIn-specific book…. )

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